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CountryInstitution / Lab – Company / ServiceFull nameExpertise (related to TPV)
The University of New South Wales / QPV Research GroupNicholas Ekins-DaukesThermoradiative cells
University of Ottawa / Micro and Nano Systems LabRaphael St-GelaisMEMS for near-field heat transfer control and near-field thermophotovoltaics
York University / AM-SET-LabPaul O’BrienOptical filters and cavities for TPV
York University / AM-SET-LabNima TalebzadehSolar TPV, optical cavities, TPV in cube-satellites
Harbin Institute of TechnologyJunming ZhaoNear-field TPV
Kunming University of Science and TechnologyYu WangEmitters, narrow bandgap TPV cells, optical filters, thermal management
INSA Lyon – CNRS – UCBL / CETHILOlivier ChapuisNear field, emitters
INSA Lyon – CNRS – UCBL / CETHILThomas Châtelet (PhD candidate)Near-field thermophotonics
INSA Lyon – CNRS – UCBL / CETHILJulien Legendre (PhD candidate)Near-field thermophotonics
INSA Lyon – CNRS – UCBL / CETHILWissal Sghaier (PhD candidate)Near-field thermophotonics
INSA Lyon – CNRS – UCBL / CETHILMathieu Thomas (PhD candidate) Near-field TPV, near-field thermophotonics
Univ Gustave Eiffel – CNRS / ESYCOM Lab.Elyes NefzaouiEmitters, absorbers
Univ Montpellier – CNRS / IESPhilippe ChristolFabrication and characterization of Sb-based devices
Univ Montpellier – CNRS / IESBasile Roux (PhD candidate)Superlattice thermophotovoltaic cells
Univ Montpellier – CNRS / IESRodolphe VaillonEmitters, cells, near-field TPV
Université de Poitiers / Institut PprimeJérémie DrevillonEmitters
Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems ISEHenning HelmersIII-V TPV cells: design, epitaxy incl multi-junction, fabrication incl back reflector technology, characterization; TPV modules: dense arrays (maximal packing factor), active cooling, encapsulation; selective emitters
Hamburg University of Technology and Helmholtz-Zentrum HereonManfred EichEmitters, metamaterials, degradation processes at high temperatures
German Aerospace Center / Thermal Systems for FluidsThomas BauerTPV and thermal energy storage and/or concentrating solar power
Malaviya National Institute of Technology Jaipur / Department of Electrical EngineeringRavita LambaModeling and simulation of TPV systems
ISM – CNR / DiaTHEMA LabAlessandro BellucciHybrid thermionic-PV, ultra-high temperature emitters, surface nanostructuring
ISM – CNR / DiaTHEMA LabDaniele TrucchiHybrid thermionic-PV, ultra-high temperature emitters, surface nanostructuring
Università di Padova / Dipartimento di Fisica AstronomiaEnrico Napolitani
Niigata University / Radiative Transfer LaboratoryAtsushi SakuraiMetamaterials, absorbers, emitters, photovoltaic cells
Tohoku University / RECMakoto ShimizuEmitters, solar TPV
Republic of Korea
KAIST / TRADBong Jae LeeEmitters, cells, near-field TPV
ICFO / Thermal Photonics GroupGeorgia T. PapadakisSurface plasmon polaritons, surface phonon polaritons, near-field heat transfer, thermodynamic limits, thermal emission
ICFO / Thermal Photonics GroupMaxime Giteau (Postdoctoral researcher)Theoretical bounds of TPV systems, high-efficiency concepts, design of thermal emitters in the far- and near-field
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid / IES / III-VCarlos AlgoraCells, emitters and whole systems
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid / IES / SyNCAlejandro DatasCells, latent heat TPV, hybrid thermionic-PV
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid / IES / III-VIván GarcíaSemiconductor epitaxy, cell fabrication, characterization and modeling
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid / IES / SyNCPablo García-LinaresCell processing and characterization, latent heat TPV, hybrid thermionic-PV
Universidad Politécnica de Madrid / IES / SyNCEsther LópezCell characterization, latent heat TPV systems
Lund University / NanoLund – Center for NanoscienceHeiner LinkeNanowires, heterostructures, hot-carrier photovoltaics, thermionic
National Tsing Hua University / RTELabYu-Bin ChenTPV emitters, emittance measurements
Chulalongkorn UniversityNaphatsorn VongsoasupNear-field TPV, cells
United Kingdom
Lancaster University / School of EngineeringPeter CarringtonGaInAsSb based TPV materials and devices
Antora EnergyBrendan KayesTPV cell and module fabrication, process development, characterization, cost reduction, performance improvement, multijunctions, III-V, Si, Ge
Antora EnergyMoritz LimpinselDevelopment of TPV modules
Antora EnergyGeordie ZapalacTPV cell characterization
Arizona State UniversityLiping WangSelective emitters/cells, optical and electrical characterizations of TPV cells, high-temperature spectral emittance measurements, far-field (solar) TPV tests, near-field TPV
Arizona State UniversityRichard R. KingLow-bandgap III-V TPV cells, high reflectance back contacts, reduced contact coverage fraction, photon recycling in high-efficiency devices, low series resistance architectures, multijunction TPV cells
Georgia Institute of Technology / Nanoscale Thermal Radiation LaboratoryZhuomin ZhangNear-field radiative heat transfer, radiative energy conversion devices, selected emitters including chiral materials and nonreciprocal materials
MIT / ASE GroupAlina LaPotin (PhD candidate)TPV characterization and integration, high-temperature thermal energy storage system using TPV
NASA Glenn Research CenterDonald L. Chubb (retired)Selective emitters, TPV space power systems, TPV with thermal storage, combined TPV-thermoelectric systems
NRELRyan FranceIII-V materials and device development and characterization
NREL / HECPMyles SteinerGrowth, fabrication and characterization of III-V devices
Purdue UniversityDudong Feng (Postdoctoral researcher)Near-field TPV, numerical modeling of TPV and other radiative energy converters, characterization of cell properties, cell test
Purdue University / Birck Nanotechnology CenterPeter BermelSelective emitters, selective absorbers, direct thermal emission measurement, VASE ellipsometry, thin-film deposition
University of Michigan / Lenert LabAndrej LenertThin-film TPV cells, high-temperature emitter materials, model development, system integration and testing
University of Michigan / Lenert Lab and OCM groupRebecca Lentz (PhD candidate)Si and III-V TPV cell growth, fabrication and characterization
University of Michigan / Lenert LabBosun Roy-Layinde (PhD candidate)III-V cells, emitters, multijunction devices, fabrication and characterization of TPV cells, high sub-bandgap reflectance cells
University of Michigan / OCM groupDeiju Fan (alumni)Thin-film III-V and Si air-bridge TPV cells growth, fabrication, and characterization
University of New Mexico / Center for High Technology MaterialsGanesh BalakrishnanAntimonides, MBE, metamorphic buffer
University of Oklahoma / QDLRui Q YangIII-V narrow bandgap materials, mid-infrared semiconductor lasers, PV devices
University of Wisconsin-MadisonEric TervoCells, III-V fabrication & characterization, near-field TPV

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